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The New Year is a time for reflection – a chance for us to make changes to how we live or work and to decide what we might do to improve for the coming year. Many people make new Year resolutions and for many, these will surround saving money. One great way to save money is to reduce your energy use and to lower your bills.

Below is a list of resolutions that will both reduce the amount you spend on your energy bills, but will also save the planet by lowering your carbon footprint.

  • Change your lights – by replacing your old lightbulbs with energy-saving LEDs you can save as much as £75 over the life of the bulb and it will last longer.
  • Turn off your lights – don’t leave lights on that you are not using. Make it a habit to turn them off as soon as you leave the room.
  • Use a thermostat to control your boiler and use them on each radiator individually. You can then control the temperature in each room – turning down the heat in the rooms you don’t use so often.
  • Turn off the heating when you are out – use a timer to ensure that your heating is not coming on when you are at work. If you have a remote system such as NEST, you can even control your heating from wherever you are.
  • Cook efficiently – try to use the oven carefully and cook as many meals at one time as you can. An electric oven can be very costly to run.
  • Ask for a shower timer for Christmas and use it to ensure you never stand in the shower for longer than 5 minutes.
  • Invest in insulation or take advantage of one of the energy company schemes to get it for free.
  • Only heat your water when you know you’re going to need it. For example set it to start heating around one hour before your shower and for another hour in the evening.
  • If your supplier offers a smart meter – get one. This can allow you to track your usage and will give you a clear idea of what you are spending and how your savings efforts are going.
  • Switch energy companies at least yearly to take advantage of fixed deals that may be suitable for your needs.

There are so many ways to improve how you use energy around the house and the simple steps are often the best. If all else fails, invest in some warm blankets and cosy clothes and go to bed early. That sounds like a great way to avoid having the heating on and you get to enjoy a lovely early night.