Searching for solar thermal panel installers? Interested in solar panel installation in order to generate heat for your home?

Solar hot water panels can heat water for use within the home all year round. A boiler is used to ‘top-up’ this heat when needed, ensuring water remains at a desired temperature when needed.

How does solar hot water work?

Solar hot water captures the heat from the sun and uses this to heat hot water stored within a tank in the loft. The thermal energy is transferred from the evacuated tubes (panels) along a copper piper and into a copper header. A boiler is used in conjunction with solar hot water panels to generate the required temperature.

Free grants available

Claim a free £300 grant now
  • The Renewable Heating Premium Payment Scheme pays up to £300 towards a solar hot water system.
  • The money is issued in vouchers which can be used to purchase the equipment. There is no indication of when these grants will end, so homeowners are advised to secure their grant as soon as possible.
  • Funding will only be given to those people who already have adequate insulation installed within their home.
  • The installer must be MCS accredited to be able to claim your grant.
Your home will need to have adequate insulation in order to qualify for a grant

Is my home suitable for solar hot water panels?

Your will need a roof that faces within 40 degrees of south (panels cannot be placed on a north facing roof), and have approximately five square metres of space available for a typical 3 bedroom property. The roof should receive direct sunlight at some point during the day.

You will also need to have enough space in the loft to install a cylinder, or replace the existing with a more efficient solar cylinder.

A free survey of your property can be carried out my an accredited professional to ensure it is suitable. Your boiler will also be checked to ensure it is compatible with solar hot water.

Benefits of solar hot water:

  • Works with your existing system
  • Reduces your oil or gas bill
  • Grants available for £300

Renewable heat incentive

Due to launch Spring 2014, the RHI will pay a tariff to home owners using renewable energy to provide heat to their property. Details of this scheme are still to be confirmed.

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