Solar panels have come a long way in the last three years. Prices have fallen and efficiency has improved, resulting in more energy being generated and for a smaller investment than previously required.

There are two options when considering solar panels: solar PV panels generate electricity to use within the home, or solar thermal panels which heat your hot water.

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Solar PV panels

Solar panel costs have dropped significantly during the past 12 months. An average two bedroom property would expect to pay around £6,000 for a solar panel system, generating enough electricity to power your home during the day. A 4kW system could generate returns of around £1000+ a year, every year for 20 years.

A survey of your property will be needed to calculate the precise return you will see from solar panel installation, and this will also depend on the feed-in tariff at the time the panels are installed.

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Solar thermal panels

Solar hot water panels can heat water for use within the home all year round. A boiler is used to ‘top-up’ this heat when needed, ensuring water remains at a desired temperature when needed.

Your will need a roof that faces within 40 degrees of south (panels cannot be placed on a north facing roof), and have approximately five square metres of space available for a typical 3 bedroom property. The roof should receive direct sunlight at some point during the day.

You will also need to have enough space in the loft to install a cylinder, or replace the existing with a more efficient solar cylinder.

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Better than free solar panels

Having free solar panels fitted to your home involves forfeiting the lucrative feed-in tariff payments, which are instead paid directly to the installer. With a solar loan, you keep 100% of the feed-in tariff and the loan is simply repaid from this income. The result? Once the solar loan is fully repaid (around 3 years), the feed-in tariff income is pure profit!

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