Installing a new gas boiler is one of the most efficient ways to heat your home and reduce your energy bills at the same time. The price of gas has increased during recent months, making it even more important to ensure your boiler is as efficient as possible.

How much does a gas boiler cost?

Boiler costs will depend on the size of your property and your usage requirements, however a typical gas boiler will cost between £1000 – £3000 to install. Gas boiler replacement cost will be offset by a new model and home owners will enjoy a significant saving on their energy bills. It is advised to compare three quotes when considering have a new gas boiler installed and to ensure the installer is gas safe registered.

Spread the cost of a new boiler with flexible finance plans

There are a number of competitive finance offers available from various installers across the country to help you fund a brand new boiler . You will have a new A-rated boiler installed and the cost can be spread over a period of time. Compare finance plans here.

How much could I save?

The average savings for the replacement of an old gas boiler rated as a “G” is £225 per year. If your old boiler was rated as a “D” you can still expect to save as much as £65 per year by replacing it. A “G” rated boiler will only use around 70% of the energy produced compared to around 90% for a new boiler.


There is little point in replacing a boiler without first ensuring your home has adequate cavity wall insulation or loft insulation. This will prevent heat from escaping through the walls and roof of the property and ensure maximum efficiency.

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