Ensuring your loft space is adequately insulated is the most effective way to ensure your home is more energy efficient. It can save you £200 a year off your energy bills.

Benefits of loft insulation

As heat rises from your home and into your loft space, it quickly escapes or turns into cooler air, reducing the overall temperature of your home. With an insulated loft space, warm air from below is prevented from reaching your loft, ensuring your home remains as warm as possible.

An uninsulated loft space could be costing you hundreds of pounds per year in wasted energy. And with energy bills higher than ever, installing loft insulation is an instant and cost-effective way of creating a warmer home and putting those wasted pounds back into your wallet.

Type Annual saving One-off cost Payback time
Loft insulation Up to £150 a year £0 – £400 Instant – 2 years

Source: Energy Saving Trust

What is loft insulation?

Loft insulation typically comprises of insulation blankets, usually mineral wool, laid onto your loft floor. This acts as a wooly hat and dramatically reduces the heat that can escape from your home into the cooler air within your loft space. In order to minimise wastage and ensure the loft space is adequately insulated, it is best to use a trained professional or an insulation firm to do the job.

No every loft can be insulated. Your loft needs to be accessible, with a wide hatch and room to stand, and it cannot be converted or completely boarded.

Loft insulation grants

Insulation grants are available to those in receipt of certain benefits.

Check Your Grant

As part of the Government’s Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme, funding is available in the form of a loft insulation grant to help those who are most in need of home insulation. Typically, you will qualify if you receive tax credits (child tax credit, working tax credit or pension credit) or a combination of other benefits. Even if you do not receive these benefits, you could still qualify based on your postcode.

The grant will cover the cost of an approved contractor to visit your home and assess the current level of insulation in your loft space and walls. They can then arrange for this to be installed if required. The process usually takes around 4 weeks from application to installation.

Insulation grants
Do you qualify?

Find out if you're eligible for a free grant for insulating your home.


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