Cavity wall insulation grants. Apply now.
Cavity wall insulation reduces heat loss.

Cavity wall insulation instantly creates a warmer environment in your home by reducing the amount of heat which can escape through your walls.

More heat is lost through the walls than any other part of your home. This means that instead of paying to heat you home, up to 40% of this heat is being transferred through the walls and onto the street. However, free cavity wall insulation grants in 2014 are available and can make this energy saving improvement less costly to implement. Grant funding is also available for a free boiler to be installed in eligible households.

How is cavity wall insulation installed?

A professional installer will take around 2-3 hours to insulate the walls of an average sized 2-3 bedroom house. There will be a minimal amount of disruption and the installer will clean up any mess that may have resulted from the installation.

A series of small holes of approximately 25mm will be drilled into the wall of your property in order to reach the cavity. Insulation material will then be blown into this cavity, consisting of tiny pockets of air which prevent cooler air from passing through.

Is my property suitable?

If you can see small drill holes on your outside walls, you may already have cavity wall insulation.

As obvious as it may sound, a property with solid walls cannot have this type of insulation installed. If your property was built between 1925 and 1990, there is a high probability that it was constructed with cavity walls. Many houses built before this will have solid walls, and houses built after 2005 will have been subjected to planning regulations which required insulation to be installed during construction.

What are the benefits of cavity wall insulation?

There are many advantages to installing wall insulation. Here are just some of them:

  • Increase the value of your property
  • Increase your home’s EPC (energy performance certificate) rating
  • A warmer and more comfortable temperature within your home
  • Cavity wall insulation could be free or subsidised
  • Save approximately £135 a year off your energy bill
  • Cavity wall insulation pays for itself in 1-2 years

In addition to increasing the value of your home, there are significant savings to be made on your energy bills.

Type Annual saving One-off cost Payback time
Cavity wall insulation Up to £135 a year £0 – £600 Instant – 2 years

Source: Energy Saving Trust

Cavity wall insulation grants

Insulation grants are available to those in receipt of certain benefits.

Check Your Grant

For those in receipt of child tax credit or pension credit (or other qualifying benefits) free cavity wall insulation insulation can be installed at your home by an approved local installer. Check your grant eligibility here for free cavity wall insulation grants in 2014. Even if no benefits are being received, grants can still be claimed for part of even 100% of the cost of installing cavity wall insulation in your home. A free survey is needed to confirm the grant available to you.

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