A combi boiler will typically be fuelled by gas as is one of the most efficient and cost-effective options when installing a new boiler.

Why should I choose a combi boiler?

It is compact, small and fits neatly into a space within the home. In addition to this, no storage tank is needed within the loft as the water is heated for immediate use and does not require a cold water feed or expansion tank. This ensures a constant stream of hot water is available when required. The downside of this is that a combi boiler will only be able to supply hot water for one task at a time and will not be able to cope with more than one shower or bath being used simultaneously. Combi boiler cost can also lead to savings but boiler quotes from various suppliers on how much a combi boiler does cost should be researched for new and replacement boilers.

Is my house suitable for a combi boiler?

If your home has 2-4 bedrooms and you’re unlikely to require more than one shower or bath to be used at the same time, then a combi boiler would be suitable for your property.

How much could I save?

The average savings when replacing a “G” rated boiler is £225 per year. If your existing boiler has a more efficient rating of “D” you can still expect to save as much as £65 per year by replacing it, but the cost of combi boiler installation must be considered.

Savings can be increased further when opting for a condensing combi boiler.

Spread the cost of a new boiler with flexible finance plans

There are a number of competitive finance offers available from various installers across the country to help you fund a brand new boiler . You will have a new A-rated boiler installed and the cost can be spread over a period of time. Compare finance plans here.

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