A study carried out by the trade association for the renewable sector has shown that the number of people employed in a full time capacity in the off shore and onshore wind industry has increased by more than 6,300 over the last four years. There have also been a huge rise in the number of indirect jobs created in this sector.

Indirect jobs

The study was carried out by Renewable UK as part of their annual report on wind energy. It shows that the number of indirect jobs in the wind sector has increased by 8% since September 2013 bringing the total number of people employed in this capacity to more than 30,000. Most of these are in STEM careers with qualifications in science, maths and engineering.

The report also showed that there has been £1.6 billion in investment in the sector over the last 12 months and that councils are now receiving more than £5.9 million a year in income from wind farms in their council areas. This will amount to £149 million over the lifespan of a wind farm.

Maria McCaffrey from Renewable UK says that the growth rate in jobs in the wind sector is one that other sectors can only dream of. She says that renewables are the employment engine of the future. However she says that the government need more consistent policies and should encourage people to join this industry.

Green revolution

As part of the release of these figures, Renewable UK is launching a new campaign “Faces of Wind Energy” to celebrate the stories of people working in this industry. Workers are asked to offer their own individual stories about their jobs and their role in the green revolution. A career map of the industry is being developed as part of this process. It is being run in conjunction with the government.