The Green Deal has been officially launched today after a “soft” launch late last year. From today householders will be able to make environmentally friendly changes to their homes by taking advantage of the government backed loan scheme. However some critics have said that the scheme will not go far enough to prevent more people falling into fuel poverty.

More efficient homes

The Green Deal offers a loan at around 7% which can be used to make changes to the homeowners property such as insulation or a replacement boiler. The householder will then use their energy bills to pay off the loan which should be less than their current energy costs due to their home becoming more efficient.

The scheme was originally launched late last year, although the actual work was not able to be carried out until today. It is thought that hundreds of homeowners signed up to have the initial assessment completed. However this figure has been questioned by earlier reports which indicated that just five assessments had been carried out.

The government has said that they expect the Green Deal to help people in the long run with lowered energy bills and that it will play a part when it comes to the UKs economic growth in the green sector. Meanwhile the Energy and Climate Change secretary Ed Davey has stated that the Green Deal will improve the look and feel of the home while allowing the homeowner to save money.

Fuel poverty

However the Campaign group Energy Bill revolution has stated that they believe that the Green Deal will not have any impact on the rise of fuel poverty. They would like to see the carbon tax used to tackle this huge problem.

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