Mother and daughters using a tablet by a fireplace on Christmas

We all know that Christmas is expensive. Once it is all added up including the extra food, the Christmas dinner, the travel costs and of course the Christmas gifts, the costs can rocket into the hundreds and even thousands. But have you ever thought of the additional cost of-of the energy you are using over the festive period and if it might be possible to reduce it? It might not offset the other costs, but it makes sense to make savings wherever possible.

Cooking the Christmas Dinner

Research carried out by GoCompare Energy in 2016 estimated that the UK spends £15m collectively just to cook Christmas Dinner as it will usually take 5 hours for a turkey to cook. If you compare that to an average 30 mins to 1 hour cooking time for the average family meal, it is easy to see how quickly it can add up.

Leaving the lights on

The research also showed that on average we spend an extra £3.75 per day to cover the cost of Christmas lights. If you happen to have a house that is festooned with colourful light displays, you can expect this to be many times more.

The cost of staying home

Most of us take time off work over the Christmas holidays and with it being cold outside we cosy up at home. This means our homes are heated, the lights are on and we use our electrical equipment. This is estimated at an additional cost of around £20 per household across the two week period.

Overall most households can expect to spend around £50 more during the festive season on their energy costs than they do at other times. When you’re struggling with the costs of Christmas that really can add up.

What can we do to reduce this cost?

● Only put on your Christmas lights in the evening and not all day
● Make sure your home is insulated well and that curtains are pulled and doors closed
● Buy the size turkey you need for your family and not a larger one – it will cut down cooking time
● Cook several things at once while the oven is on – if you have space.
● Turn the heating off while the oven is on – the house will warm up naturally
● Try to get out and about over Christmas and don’t sit indoors using up energy when you could be outside having fun.
● Buy everyone a funny Christmas jumper and make them wear it!