The UK Green Building Council (UK-GBC) has sent an open letter to the Department for Communities and Local Government complaining about government proposals to change how Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s) are used in the UK.


EPC’s are issued for new buildings and are generally designed to be used when a property transfer takes place. They are not usually available for public display as they only show theoretical energy use. However the government would like to see them displayed for all public buildings over 1000 square metres and these will replace the far superior and more accurate Display Energy Certificates (DEC’s) which have been required since 2008.

The GBC has suggested that EPC’s are misleading and that for non-domestic buildings they lack credibility and those buildings displaying them could be seen to be performing better compared to when the current certificate is displayed. The council are also concerned about the validity period which is likely to be changed as well. DEC’s currently apply for just one year, but this could be increased to ten years. It is pointed out that DEC’s drive investment in energy efficiency because they must be renewed annually.

Burden on business

The letter states that the burden on businesses will not be reduced by the new measures and it will not increase energy efficiency for public buildings. The letter suggests that the whole area needs to be to reassessed to see if solutions to these issues can be found.

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