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The expense and complication of buying a replacement boiler is something that many of us can do without. So when the worst happens and your boiler is no longer economically repairable what should you buy and how should you pay for it?


What type of boiler?

Firstly, you’ll need to decide which type of boiler is right for you and your home? For gas boilers, the choice is between a regular boiler or a combi boiler. A regular boiler has a separate hot water cylinder and a combi produces all hot water instantly. Each has their pros and cons and it is largely down to your circumstances on which is best for you. A combi boiler is less efficient in producing hot water than a regular boiler; however, the heat loss from the cylinder can make the combi boiler overall more economical to run in some circumstances.

Larger families who use a lot of hot water are probably best with a regular boiler, whereas smaller households might benefit more from a combi boiler. Space is often a consideration if you don’t have a regular boiler already as you will need to make room for a cylinder. A trained heating engineer can advise you which boiler best suits your situation and size the boiler according to your heating and hot water requirements.


Savings and grants

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If your current boiler is an old inefficient boiler (rated D-G) then you could save between £55-320 per year on your energy bills.

Depending on where you live, if you are in receipt of certain benefits, and the condition and age of your boiler you could be entitled to a grant towards the replacement boiler.


Buying it outright


  • Although a new boiler is costly, buying it outright will be cheaper in the long run as there will be no interest applied.
  • If you have the money the interest you receive from your bank will be less than the interest applied through finance.


  • Not everyone can afford to purchase a boiler outright.


Purchase with finance


  • Flexible payment schemes with a differing payment lengths to reduce the monthly cost to fit your budget.
  • Some suppliers also offer discounted boiler insurance covering servicing and repairs when purchasing through finance.


  • You will pay more for the boiler.
  • If you move home you will still be liable for the repayments.


Which to choose

Your circumstances will probably determine which option is the best for you, whether that is long-term savings or convenient and manageable monthly instalments. Whichever route you choose, shop around and get several quotes to ensure you get the best boiler and most appropriate deal for you. Often the exact same boiler can vary in final cost depending on the lender rates of interest and the pre-interest boiler cost.


Boiler care

Plumber attaches to pipe gas boiler.

Regardless of the method of payment, you may want to consider whether boiler insurance which covers repairs and servicing might be beneficial to ensure your boiler runs efficiently and takes away the worries about repair costs.