It has been revealed that David Cameron will be making his first official speech on green issues to members of the G20 at a clean energy summit in London on April 26. This will be the first time the Prime Minister has spoken significantly on this subject despite the Conservative pledge to be the “greenest government ever”.

Black and white commitments

The climate change minister Greg Barker has commented that the keynote speech will be focused on the green economy and will be made to all the major members of the energy sector from the US, China, France, Brazil and other large economies from around the world.

Meanwhile David Nussbaum from the WWF has said that this may be an opportunity for Cameron to show that recent treasury announcements on green investment have not weakened the government’s green policies. He points out that black and white commitments are needed and that Cameron needs to show his personal green credentials.

Beyond redemption

However Tom Burke from Friends of the Earth has stated that Cameron and the government is now beyond redemption. He believes that the speech would have to step so far away from the treasury position held by George Osborne that it may cause a huge rift in the government.

Other experts have stated that the speech needs to link green policies with helping the UK public at a time when many are struggling financially. This means that there needs to be focus on reducing energy bills and emissions. Finding ways to reduce the costs of renewables would be an ideal approach. In addition the speech needs to inspire confidence from green investors.

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