Dow Building Solutions will be presenting their new loft insulation material at the Ecobuild Exhibition in London this week. Dow are the designers of Styrofoam insulation and their new product, termed Xenergy SL has been designed especially for households with inverter flat roofs. It combines some of the existing features of Styrofoam, such as durability, reliability and strength, with infra-red blocking particles which scatter and reflect heat radiation within the foam board. It comes in a steel-grey colour and is available in thicknesses of 100, 120, 140 and 160mm.

The product is a form of extruded polystyrene (XPS) and is an extension of the already popular ROOFMATE SL-A range and delivers 11% improved performance. Roof designers and contractors will be the first to be offered the new product

Richard Powell, Roofing Manager for Dow Building Solutions, said “We have a long track record of innovation within the construction industry, and we’re proud to introduce Xenergy SL as our latest technical advance. As we make further improvements to the thermal conductivity of our products building designers have even more potential to reduce the thicknesses required, which is key in roofing applications. The great thing about Xenergy is that it delivers those improvements without compromising on the key attributes of XPS such as high compressive strength, low water absorption and excellent freeze/thaw performance.”

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