The UK minister for energy Ed Davey has suggested this week that his Green Deal idea might come across as radical for some sectors of business and might even be hated by some.

Get serious about energy saving

Speaking at the Scottish Lib Dem conference, Davey said that he was proud of the work which had been done by his predecessor Chris Huhne and that it was about time businesses and local authorities got serious about energy saving.

Mr Davey went on to say that he wanted to create a whole new market in the form of the Green Deal scheme and that there would be no subsidies or regulations for business. He felt that these changes would be so radical that there is likely to be some lobbying against it.

Davey admitted that reaching the target of 15% renewables by 2020 was a tough one and one which Scotland needed to take part in. He pointed out that Scotland needed English consumers to make their supply of renewables more viable.

Tiny investment

Meanwhile Oliver Letwin the Cabinet Office Minister has suggested that the £1 billion spent by the government last year on renewable schemes is tiny compared to the sums invested in the renewable industry as a whole.

He has suggested that the use of renewable energy needed to be balanced with other technologies because it was impossible to predict future demand. He wants to ensure that the country does not depend on one source of energy over another.

Meanwhile the government has announced that the it believes that the wind industry has been over subsidised and that it is a shameful waste of money.

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