We here at Find Energy Savings have decided to compile a list of our favourite eco bloggers and publish them for everyone to see. We have been scouring the web and came up with a list of our favourites so far, but now it is your turn to help add to our list. Now is your chance to tell us who we have missed out on before we ask you to decide who the “Ultimate Eco Blogger” is via a poll on this website at the beginning of June.

Whether being green is their area of expertise or if they’re just trying to do their bit to help the environment, we want to know about them. Even if it is your own blog, don’t be shy!

Either tweet me at @MrsEnergySaving with your favourites, or add them as a comment on this post and we will add them to our list of nominees.

The nominees

Eco Karen

A retired chiropractor who learned the benefits of healthy living through her work. Choosing to become a stay-at-home mum taught her the benefits of frugal living. EcoKaren posts tips on how to be eco-friendly without having to make many sacrifices.


The Green Mama

Manda Aufochs Gillespie, known as The Green Mama online, has created a network in order to translate today’s science into healthier children and a greener future whilst having fun, worrying less and saving money.






Green Kiddie

Providing tips about green and natural care for babies and children, this blog helps parents to become more eco-friendly with their children’s supplies as well as their future – with tips on topics from natural remedies, organic foods, to handmade toys.



Green Mums Blog

Designed to keep parents informed on the latest ‘green’ issues they’re likely to face this is the blog to support Green Mums, an online family business that supplies eco baby products, including cloth nappies.


The Really Eco Baby Shop

Started by 2 mums with 5 children between then, this online shop sells products that are “useful, affordable but also REALLY ECO”. Their blog is a chance to discuss new product ideas as well as keep their loyal shoppers up-to date with the latest eco trends.



This PR agency has chosen to be completely integrated into the organic, ethical and eco worlds. Their corresponding blog focuses on renewable energy, virtuous finances and ethically sourced food.



This independent green blog and web-directory strives to inspire simplicity and creativity as they walk down the green path themselves. These ambassadors for the earth simply want to spread the message that being green is the right thing to do.




Environmental Graffiti

Aimed at environmentalists who don’t take themselves too seriously, this website covers absolutely everything that could be encompassed as news, but with a focus on sustainable living. It covers nature, travel, extreme sports, and technology amongst many other subjects.



How Can I Recycle This?

After eating a bowl of pistachio nuts one day and not wanting to waste the shells, this blog was created to find ways to re-use and recycle leftovers, whether it’s unwanted foods or household items.



Hosted on the Business Green website, this blog s hosted on the BusinessGreen website, dedicated to offering companies advice and best-practices on how to become more environmental responsible.



Big Green Purse

Dianne MacEachern, founder and CEO of Big Green Purse ecourages women to green the marketplace by choosing products whose use or manufacture offer the greatest environmental benefit.



GirlieGirl Army

Described as the glamazon guide to green living and compassionate living, Chloe Jo has created a hub for the fashion conscious who don’t want to destroy the environment, or as she puts it, it’s for those who “want to do their part without sacrificing their facials.”


Lyndsey Young

After always having an interest in protecting the environment, The Queen of Easy Green launched Count On It® labels after she won £15,500 on Deal or No Deal in 2005. She now blogs as a way to help others take be more sustainable and how to get more for your money whilst doing it.



Green and Natural Living

Jackie Elton from Lincolnshire, has experience in species conservation, ecological surveying, waste minimisation as well as and recycling and is putting this to good use on her blog. It’s here where she discusses all things eco-friendly – from hand cream to growing your own vegetables.


The Ecologist

Setting the environmental agenda since 1970, this extensive website for its magazine is hailed as an authority on environmental issues. So much so that they helped initiate People Party, which we know now as the Green Party. Their blog continues to be an essential source for any wannabe eco-warriors.




Dedicated to design that will ‘save the world’ this covers anything from furniture to new technologies, this blog aims to discover better transportations and interiors that aren’t as damaging to the environment.







Little Green Blog

Mrs Green is a family woman committed to a greener way of life and she blogs about her day-to-day discoveries on making her family life more sustainable.




Bright Green

From time to time, green bloggers become political and this is one of those times. The Bright Green blog provides news and analysis for the green and progressive movement, with particular emphasis on the Green Party.



Human Ecologist

Dr Gary Haw is a freelance writer and campaigner involved in engaging the public on a range of environmental and social issues. Gary’s blog provides commentary on these issues aiming to “make sense of our relationship with nature”.



Green Blog

Acting as a community for those who want to actively reduce carbon emissions, Green Blog encourages readers to take direct non-violent action against CO2 emitting sources against the current climate change inaction, with the latest news and developments on these issues.



The Green Familia

Brenda began the Green Familia for like-minded “light greenie people” sharing ideas and thoughts with the aim to become a bit more careful and thoughtful in the way we live our lives for the sake of the world we live in.



The Greenists

Updated by a number of bloggers and green writers, The Greenists come together with one goal: to talk about what they love doing with a twist on how to be eco-friendly. This includes beauty, cooking and pets.




Not only concentrating on saving the planet, this blog also focuses on saving people, with recent articles on how some native tribes will soon be extinct. This site is look at the fragility of Earth, and all of its inhabitants with articles on what can be done to help.






Although technology is often condemned for its increasing additions to landfill, Envirogadget looks at how you can still indulge in all the latest gadgets whilst being conscious of your eco responsibility.



Green Talk

After she finished building her first eco-friendly house in 2005, Anna Hackman decided that ‘green’ needed a community and launched Green Talk. It is now exactly that: somewhere that people can discuss and learn together how to become more ‘green’.


Green SAHM

With the attitude that one single person can make a difference, this stay-at-home mum blogs about her learning curve in becoming kind to the environment.


Chasing Green

The contributors to this blog aim to help those who want to do good by the planet, but are unsure where to begin. With this in mind, Chasing Green includes tips, guides and great starting points to get you going in the right direction.



The Alternative Consumer

With a wealth of information already online in regards to recommended eco products, The Alternative Consumer actually reviews these products giving readers a real indication of what’s worth their while (and money!)


Environment Green

Inspired by a presentation on Global Warming that his 8 year old daughter gave to her fellow students, Ted MacKinnon created Environment Green. Thinking that if elementary students could understand climate change, then so could adults, and he created this green resource.


Green Abode

Green Abode takes a practical approach and focuses on ‘Green Ways to Save Money’. Their ethos is that there’s money savings for everyone with green energy, energy saving at home and green travel when you’re on the move. Chris King started the site in 2011, and when he’s not researching and publishing on Green Abode, he’s an online marketing consultant.



Green Steve

On a quest to reduce his carbon footprint and become carbon neutral, Steve has created this blog to track his progress and discuss ways in which to be more conscientious when it comes to waste and carbon offsetting.




Have we missed someone?

If you’d like to put forward a blog not on the list above (yes, it can be your own!), simply tweet the name of the blog to @mrsEnergySaving or leave a comment in the box below.

The deadline for nominations is Wednesday 30th June.

The shortlist

On 1st June we’ll publish a shortlist of five eco-bloggers who we believe to be worthy of the title. It’s then over to you to vote for your favourite. The blogger with the highest number of votes will be crowned the Ultimate Eco-Blogger!

All shortlisted bloggers will receive a badge to display proudly on their blog to show that we’ve acknowledged their contribution to green blogging.

You have until Wednesday 30th May 2012 to nominate a blogger not on the list above. We can’t wait to read the entries!

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