The government has announced a set of rules which are designed to force energy companies to be continuously offering their customers the best energy deals in the market. It is thought that the rules could save energy customers as much as £100 each year.

Leading role

Nick Clegg, the deputy Prime Minster will be announcing the rules in a speech on the future of green energy in the UK. He is expected to argue that the UK can take a leading role when it comes to green issues even in times of austerity.

The speech will suggest that energy companies will need to tell their customers at least once per year if they could be on a cheaper tariff and to tell them exactly how they can switch tariffs easily. This new rule will be in place from the Autumn and those who are more vulnerable, such as those on the Warm Front scheme will be contacted twice yearly.

Customers can also contact their supplier at any time to ask if they on the best tariff even if their contract is yet to end. It is thought that 70% of energy customers are not on the best deals, yet only 25% of people change their tariffs once a year.


Switching will also become easier with the introduction of a smart phone barcode which will be put on bills. This will allow the customer to get quotes and switch tariffs in a matter of minutes.

Clegg says that the UK is entering a time of transformation and the mantra should be “waste not, want not”. He suggests that thrift and environmentalism can work in tandem.

This new set of rules will be introduced to coincide with the Green Deal.

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