The independent renewable energy website YouGen has launched a campaign this week aimed at preventing solar customers from being taken advantage of by rogue solar panel installers.


YouGen has been joined by twenty of the best known solar installation companies such as REN Energy, Eco Environments and SunGift Solar in what is hoped to be a crackdown on certain selling techniques which are thought to be taking advantage of the confusion which exists in the market.

The Renewable Energy Association and the Micro-generation Certification Scheme, the two main regulatory bodies in the solar industry has given repeated warnings about operators who are still selling solar panels quoting the 43p tariff rate. This rate no longer applies and has been dropped to 21p.

It seems that some of these cowboys are further confusing the issue by pointing out that there is a consultation taking place. While this is true, the new tariff appears to have been set.

Cathy Debenham from YouGen has said that they have received a number of complaints from customers who have been told they could receive the full 43p rate. In addition some are being subjected to cold calling techniques and door stepping.

Most companies reputable

Meanwhile David Hunt from Eco Environments has commented that most companies are reputable and that his company is dedicated to giving customers the best possible information. He would like to see those companies who sell unscrupulously rooted out.

YouGen suggest a number of different things customers can do including getting several quotes, avoiding signing up on the day, checking warranties and checking that their installer is certified with the Micro-generation Certification Scheme.

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