Anglian Home Improvements make a difference with energy saving pack giveaway

Last week I won an energy saving pack from Anglian Homes and was overjoyed when it arrived over the weekend.

I tweeted an energy saving tip to @AnglianHome then a few days later I was told I had won a prize. It was a lovely surprise as I didn’t know anything was up for grabs!

My tip was to make sure you evaluate your energy supply and method of payment to save on energy bills. This is such an important step that 36% of people with a prepayment meter never do, despite a possible saving of up to £138 by switching supplier. Find Energy Savings recently completed a survey with showing this and how prepayment meters could make consumers more susceptible to debt.

So, what did I find in the energy saving pack?

  • A Current Cost Envir Energy Monitor
  • The Rough Guide to Greening your Home book
  • An eco-shower head
  • Lots and lots of energy saving light bulbs!
  • The Current Cost Envir Energy Monitor is designed to help you identify your energy usage and wastage by monitoring the entire house.

The current sensor clamp measures your electricity consumption while the battery powered transmitter unit sits inside your meter box and sends this data to the display. The display unit presents all the information you need to do with your energy consumption and costs, updating every six seconds. It’s a really helpful way to keep track of your energy use and how much you are spending.

The Rough Guide to Green Living is a fact filled, user-friendly guide to living a low carbon, eco-friendly life. Something I’m truly passionate about.

The guide provides hundreds of going green tips on greener shopping and recycling to producing your own electricity and reducing your carbon footprint. Hopefully I’ll be inspired to try to do more than I already do!

The eco shower head is something I already have, but it’s nice to get a brand new one (and for free). These shower heads are becoming more and more popular and advancing so that you don’t have to compromise on a good shower. It’s a great way of conserving water when you’re having a shower. We all know that a shower is more economical than having a bath every day and by using an eco shower head you can be even greener. It slows down the water coming from the pipe and in turn decreases the quantity of water used during a typical shower.

There are lots of myths surrounding energy saving light bulbs. The truth is, they’ll save you money, are more efficient and contribute to a nationwide campaign to phase out inefficient light bulbs. Energy saving bulbs previously took a bit of time to get working properly but now most modern ones only take a few seconds to warm up to full brightness. By swapping all the inefficient bulbs in your home for energy-saving alternatives you could save around £55 per year.

So thank you Anglian Homes, you’ve helped me and others to save money and energy by giving away these packs. It’s these small changes that can make a big difference, I hope more people will come to realise what they can do within their home to achieve this.

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