Worcester bosch combi boilers

The Worcester Bosch Group

The Worcester Engineering company began life in 1962 when the first business premises opened in Worcester. Beginning with just one boiler type, the company soon launched more models via collaborations with a Japanese manufacturing company. In 1971 the Combi Boiler was launched, being revolutionary at the time and soon the use of oil in burners began to fall out of favour for cleaner gas models.

In the 1980′s the company went from strength to strength and was renamed Worcester Heat Systems and later in 1992 joined the Bosch Group. It was in 1996 that the new boiler model 24CDi was introduced as the first boiler of its type and new environmentally sound models become the norm. In later years this commitment to environmentally aware products has seen the introduction of the Greenstar range, many of which have won awards for innovation.

Worcester Combi Boilers

The majority of boilers installed in the UK are now combi boilers due to their high efficiency levels. Additionally they do not require a hot water tank, meaning the system takes up much less space and is cheaper to install. Finally, the system uses main pressure water so you can enjoy a strong, powerful shower without needing a pump.

Worcester combi boilers are known by the Greenstar model name and all have around the same efficiency levels at around 90% and boast “A” level efficiency ratings. All models will run on mains gas or LPG and three models are also compatible with solar thermal panels.

There are four main types of combi boiler sold by Worcester:

  • Classic – These offer the widest range of features with a central heating output of 30kW. They can control both hot water and central heating temperatures giving you more flexibility and control. These are at the higher end of the price range.
  • Compact – These are the smallest and most efficient models and will fit inside a standard kitchen cupboard – yet they offer high output at 24kW.
  • Junior – Ideal for smaller properties where there is only one bathroom. With an output of 24kW, these still offer great results but with less flexibility and a lower water flow rate.
  • Highflow – These boilers are larger and stand on the floor and have been developed for homes where there are more than one bathroom. Out is a high 30kW and can provide a high flow rate when the mains pressure is good.

Price of Worcester combi boilers

Worcester combi boilers can be purchased for anything from £700 and upwards. The Classic range averages at around £1200 and compact models can be more expensive.