Making sure that you have the best possible quote for your new wind turbine is as easy as asking all the right questions of your installer. Wind turbines can be complicated to understand and with all the different sizes available, you may find that comparing quotes becomes quite a challenge. Before you decide to get some quotes, take note of these essential questions which you must address before you make your choice.

  • Do I need a micro wind turbine or a larger model for the needs of my home? This will depend entirely on the size of your home, how much energy you hope to offset by the use of a wind turbine and whether you will be storing excess energy produced. Bear in mind that a roof mounted turbine could cost just £2,000 and might only produce a small amount of energy. However a large unit which is mounted in your garden could cost around £20,000 and produce much more energy. This could then be sold to the grid to off-set your installation costs.
  • Do I live in a part of the country which has plenty of wind? This is going to influence how much you will be willing to pay for your wind turbine and will also increase or decrease the level of income or savings you can expect to make.
  • Does the quote include full installation and maintenance? Knowing these factors will help you to decide if you are getting a great deal. Wind turbines generally do not need high levels of maintenance, but they could possibly break down and need servicing. It is wise to know if your quote includes these aspects.
  • Is the cost of storage batteries included? You can store the energy from your wind turbine in batteries. This is one of the things which sets this type of renewable energy apart from others. However, not all systems include a battery and therefore you may need to purchase it as a separate item.
  • Will my wind turbine be set up to sell energy to the grid? If you want to make an income from your wind turbine it is essential that it is is set up to divert energy away from your needs.
  • Is the installer certified as a microgeneration installer? If not, you will not be able to claim any government tariffs if they are available for your wind turbine. Whether you can do this will influence your choice of quote as it will have a bearing on the income you receive.

Before you decide which quote you are happy with, you need to have several quotes to compare and each quote needs to answer all the questions you have. A comprehensive quote should include the size system you are getting, how much income and savings you could get and what the total cost including installation and ongoing maintenance will be.

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