How to check if your boiler is working efficiently

The Vaillant Group

The Vaillant group began its life more than 135 years ago, supplying heating and cooling technology across Europe and now, across the world. As the second largest manufacturer in Europe, the company enjoys a great reputation for quality and in particular, for products that use energy efficiently, such as combi boilers.

In recent years, the company has focused on heat pumps due to high demand and has developed a Hybird system combining renewable energies with heating appliances to create highly efficient systems. This remains a core focus for the future.

Vaillant Combi Boilers

Combi boilers are known to be highly efficient and are very popular in the UK because of this. In fact, more than half of all new boiler installations in the UK are now the combi type. The main advantages are the fact that a hot water cylinder is not required giving that space back to the home owner. Additionally, the water comes directly from the mains, offering fast hot water at a constant pressure. This makes a combi boiler ideal for smaller homes.

Vaillant combi boilers come under the name of ecoTEC and are available in three different ranges:

  • ecoTEC Pro – This is an entry level boiler that is simple to use, but still offers the highest levels of efficiency and heating and is one of the quietest models available. This boiler comes with a 2 year guarantee on parts and labour. 24kW and 28kW models available.
  • ecoTEC Plus – This is a more advanced and flexible boiler system with enhanced performance and efficiency levels. It is also designed to look good within the home. A 5 year guarantee on parts and labour is offered. 24kW, 31kW and 37kW high efficiency output available.
  • ecoTEC Exclusive – This boiler offers the highest levels of performance and efficiency and is ideal for homes requiring higher water flows. This system includes a low energy pump. This has a 5 year guarantee on parts and labour as standard. 32KW and 38kW output available.

Price of a Vaillant combi boiler

The Vaillant ecoTEC Pro range starts at around £700, while the more efficient models Plus and Exclusive) with high output can cost upwards of £1500.