If there is one home improvement job which you would assume you can do yourself, then it must be insulation. Most people would think that all it requires is buying the insulation, putting it in the loft and enjoying the results of lowered energy bills and a warmer home. However, DIY insulation fitting may not be the easy job you think it is and you may waste your time doing a job which will not have the results you expect.

Before you decide to install insulation yourself you should consider the following points:

  • DIY insulation can only be carried out in your loft. Cavity wall insulation must be carried out by an expert as specialist equipment is required. In addition, you can leave your home with damp issues if you try DIY wall cavity insulation.
  • Loft insulation needs to be a thickness of at least 270mm or more. DIYers may be tempted to skimp on the thickness and will be left with a substandard result. A specialist company will be able to recommend the exact thickness which will be suitable for your home and your loft.
  • The clearing of your loft and any floor-boarding will be a big job which could take a DIYer some time to complete. Clearly a team of experts could clear a loft much more quickly, resulting in a quicker job.
  • If you use an insulation scheme such as those on offer by energy companies under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) you will have your home assessed, your needs explained to you and the work carried out at a very low cost. It is likely this this will be significantly cheaper than actually doing the work yourself. Especially if you bear in mind the time involved. If you are on benefits, a low income or are on a pension you could even have the work completed for free.
  • Allowing a specialist company to do the work will mean that you have some comeback if anything goes wrong. If the insulation starts to cause damp issues, it deteriorates or your home is damaged in some way, you should be covered by a guarantee for the work carried out and for the product.
  • If you are wanting to complete the insulation job as cheaply as possible you may choose an insulation product which is sub-standard. It may not help you to save on your bills and could need replacing in a short space of time. Experts know their product and will recommend what is best for your needs.

It may be very tempting to find cheap insulation, put it in your loft yourself and hope for the best. However you may live to regret it and the overall cost could be much more than shopping around for a good insulation installer and getting the professionals in.