ravenheat combi boiler

About Ravenheat

Ravenheat is one of the newer boiler manufacturers in the UK, having been established in 1987. As an independent manufacturer it has built a reputation for new designs, innovation and high production standards from their manufacturing facilities based in Italy. They pride themselves on having developed their first condensing boiler in 1996, before they became compulsory in the UK – this was just the start of their dedication to efficiency. In fact, their boilers still sit near the top of the pile in terms of efficiency.

The company is currently seeing high demand from households requiring a new boiler in Europe due to the high efficiency standards and good value for money. They currently produced upwards of 80,000 boiler units per month. The products are designed by heating engineers and feature high quality components that are selected for their reliability.

Ravenheat combi boilers

Ravenheat offer a small range of combi boilers that feature all the usual positive qualities of other combi boilers. This includes the fact that they are smaller, easier to install and do not require a separate water storage tank – giving the homeowner back that space in their home. For this reason and the fact that they deliver good, fast hot water, the combi boiler has become a firm favourite among house builders.

Ravenheat have three main types of combi boiler for sale through their installers.

  • White Heat(WH80/WH90): These boilers are small and compact and considered to be very quiet. They are solar compatible and are “A” rated for efficiency. With an output of 25kW and 30kW respectively, these boilers are perfect for small to medium sized homes.
  • CSI 120/CSI 150: These offer high hot water flow rates and outputs of between 32kW and 42kW making them ideal for larger homes. They have very low levels of noise and is one of the smallest in its category currently available. They are both “A” rated.
  • CSI85 AAA: Designed to be a low cost boiler, but with high output of 28kW. This is an “A” rated boiler with an efficiency rate in excess of 90%. It is estimated that energy bills could be reduced by up to 35% if this boiler is installed compared to a model that is at least 15 years old.


Ravenheat combi boilers start at around £550 for the CSI85 model and rise to more than £1,000. This makes them very reasonably priced for their output levels.