With the cost of heating the home rapidly rising and the prospect of yet another cold winter, getting a good deal on your new boiler is a must. While there have been government led scrappage schemes in the past, these are now not available, however there are still plenty of ways to get a boiler at a cheaper price than you might expect.

Government grants

The savings which can be made vary depending on the area you live in and the schemes which the council have adopted. However if you are aged over 70, are unemployed or on benefits or you are disabled, you are more likely to qualify for help buying your boiler. To apply for a scheme, use our free service contact a local boiler installer. 

Utility company schemes

Most of the major energy suppliers offer scrappage schemes or help with the purchase of a new boiler. They will often give a discount for those people who are replacing an old model boiler or they can offer a buy now and pay later option.

Energy companies are now expected by the government to help their customers to make their homes more energy efficient. One of the best ways of doing this is to replace old boilers, so they are more than willing to help in the purchase of them. Utility companies provide replacement boiler grants which can be applied for via this web site.

Buy direct

It can sometimes be cheaper to buy your boiler direct from a supplier and employ a Gas Safe registered person to fit it for you. While an energy company will expect their boiler to be fitted by one of their engineers, using the DIY approach will allow you to be more flexible. You may be able to save money by doing some of the minor works yourself – although all gas work must be completed by a qualified person.

It is always recommended that you shop around if you are looking to have your boiler replaced. As with any other major purchase you should carefully research the product you want to buy and get a feeling for how much it should cost. In general you can expect to pay up to £1,000 for a boiler and and further £1,500 for installation. Compare 3 boiler quotes here.

However these figures do vary depending on the type of system you choose to install. The closer you stay to your current system, the less work will need to be done and the cheaper it will be.

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