glow worm boilers

The Glow-Worm Story

Glow-Worm began life in 1934, producing boilers in their Derbyshire factory and it is still the home of the company. Following the introduction of a new boiler into domestic homes in the 1960′s, the focus of the company shifted towards smaller sealed units that could be installed in kitchens across the country. Additionally the company produced back boilers attached to heating units that were very popular throughout the 1970′s.

From the 1980′s, the company started to focus on energy saving boilers, introducing the “FuelSaver” which became one of its best selling appliances. In 1988 the first combi boiler was produced and Glow Worm aimed to become the first to introduce every smaller boilers for the domestic market. In the early 2000′s Glow-Worm became part of the Valiant Group making it part of one of the largest heating groups in Europe. Glow-Worm still values its reputation for high efficient boilers and has a number of combi boiler models that are both small and more efficient.

Glow-Worm Combi Boilers

Combi boilers are incredibly popular throughout the UK due to their space saving attributes. Because the boiler does not need a separate hot water tank, this has meant that new homes are often built using the technology. Combi boilers are ideal for the modern UK home, but may not always be suitable for larger homes with more bathrooms. Glow-worm has a range of 6 different combi boilers, all with their own special features.

  • Ultracom: This boiler comes under the Prime range and offers a quiet operation and a class 5 efficiency rating.
  • Flexicom: As a Compact boiler, this is designed to fit into cupboards and offers a 15 second hot water response.
  • Ultimate: This can be used with LPG without a conversion kit and is very easy to use and install. Comes under the Exclusive range.
  • Easicom: Also LPG compatible, this is a reliable low priced boiler with up to 6 years warranty.
  • Betacom: As one of the the better value boilers, this has a compact design and is available in 24 and 28kW models.
  • Ultracom 35 Store: This offer instant and unlimited hot water and is very quiet. Designed for larger properties as it features a storage vessel for water.


You can expect to pay from £600 to £1200 for a Glow Worm combi boiler – making them one of the lower priced options available.