Do you qualify for a free boiler

The UK government has announced that as part of its Energy Company Obligation (ECO), those who receive a qualifying benefit and have boilers that are 10 years old or more may be eligible for a free boiler grant. This announcement came in the wake of calls for more affordable options for saving energy and means that many people will be able reduce their heating bills over time with a more efficient boiler.

Why is the government doing this?

According to the most recent statistics, old boilers account for almost 50% of the energy that is lost in our homes. The government is aware that everyone would like to have a new boiler, but many of them are unable because of limited resources. This is the reason why everyone who is eligible is being urged to utilise the ECO scheme and ensure that they replace their boilers as soon as possible. According to the government, this move is aimed at reducing the overall energy consumption and so many people are likely to benefit. However, you need to first find out if you qualify.

Who will benefit?

Low-income families are the sector that has been targeted by the ECO scheme, as they are deemed to be the ones that are most in need of a more efficient way to heat their home. With the tough economic outlook that many families have seen in the last few years, many people have other bills to worry about and so, they might not even consider replacements to boilers. However, there now is some relief for those suffering fuel poverty, as a new boiler is now within their reach. All that they need to do is to contact the scheme and find out if they qualify.

Am I eligible?

Families receiving benefits such as State Pension Credit, Working Tex Credit, Child Tax Credit, ESA, Income Support and Jobseekers Allowance could all be eligible for a free boiler, and the scheme also covers the cost of installation. Adding to the fact that this could help save £300 per year on energy bills, it’s no wonder that those taking advantage of the scheme are happy they did so.

If you’d like to know more about the ECO scheme, then call free on 0333 212 0013 or apply here to find out whether you are eligible for a free boiler.