For homes which have underfloor heating or where gas central heating isn’t standard, the next best thing is an air source heat pump. These work by taking in the air from outside and heating it via a refrigerant circuit. This hot air is then pumped into the house and used to heat water for radiators, underfloor heating or for simple blown air heating systems.

Baxi Ambiflo

baxi air source pump
7.5kW, 9.0kW and 10.5kW available
Compact and lightweight and includes accessories like a heat pump, an electric heater, room thermostat, outdoor senor and connection hoses.
Low noise and perfect for the average home.
From around £4,500

Ecodan by Mitsubishi Electric

ecodan air source heat pump
5kW to 14kW source to water pump
Low noise and lightweight
Offers output temperatures of 45-60 degrees Celsius
Will run successfully at a range of temperatures from -15 to 35 degrees Celsius.
Could reduce CO2 emissions by 50% and reduce household heating costs by half.
Around £2,500 to £7,500 plus VAT and installation by a Mitsubishi installer is compulsory.

Delonghi I-NRG

inrg air source heat pump
Output of around 16.3kW
Can be used internally or externally and is completely flexible. This pump can produce heating, cooling and domestic hot water.
60 degree Celsius output for heating and hot water
Low noise
Ducting kit available for use inside
100% heat recovery with heating and cooling twin circuits
Will operate at down to -10 degrees Celsius
Price varies

Delonghi AW HT

delonghi air source heat pump
From 10 – 27 kW output
Output temperature of 65 degrees Celsius from an outside temperature of up to -12 degrees Celsius. Will still provide heat at -20 degrees Celsius.
Domestic hot water and heating functions
Low noise
Built in circulation pump
Price varies

Airconwarehouse Budget Air Source Heat Pump

Non branded therefore cheaper
8.3kW ouput at 20 degrees Celsius ambient temperature and 5kW output when the temperature is 2 degrees Celsius.
Cheaper because they have a lower output
Noise levels unknown, but great for a cheap introduction to air source heating where there is a low fluctuation in outside temperatures.
£1000 plus VAT
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