The key to finding the best place to buy your air source heat pump  or ground source heat pump is more about finding the right installer than simply choosing the right heat pump. The installer is your link with the manufacturer and will ensure that you get the best heat pump for your needs and that you will actually save money in the long run. Of course finding the right installer can be hit and miss. The following few tips should help you to determine if you are buying your heat pump from the correct installer.

  •  Is your installer MCS registered? This is an essential point. Your installer must be registered with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). This government scheme ensures that your installer has been correctly trained and that they are supplying heat pumps which are up to the correct standards. You will not be entitled to the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) unless your installation is carried out by a certified person.
  • Does your installer have recommendations? Try to look online, on forums or ask friends to see if your chosen installer is recommended. A referral from someone you trust is always going to set your mind at ease. Do your homework and choose an installer who knows what they are doing and who you feel comfortable with. Online reviews are an especially good way to choose the right installer and the right heat pump.
  • Use an online installer referral or leads service. These are like online portals to getting quotes and referrals to installers in your area. Some of these services vet their members and most will only point you in the direction of a few relevant installers in your area. You are unlikely to be bombarded with calls. In any case you should always get three quotes and an online leads website will provide you with direct access to those installers who live closest to you.
  • Go directly to the manufacturer. This may seem like the right option if you are hoping to save money, however it may end up costing you more. Heat pumps are complex and it is essential that you buy the right sized unit for your home and the way it is being used. Qualified installers will be able to advise you on these factors. If you install the pump yourself you will also miss out on the RHI unless you can get it signed off by a qualified person.

So the best place to buy your new heat pump is from the installer. They have the right qualifications, they understand your needs, they are experienced and they will choose the best product for you, not just their own unit. Whatever you decide, make sure you get at least three quotes and that you are comparing like for like.