A new boiler is probably one of the most costly and more important items you will buy for your home. You can expect to pay anything from £1500 and upwards for a replacement boiler and you will need to have regular maintenance checks on your boiler which will add to the cost. Clearly, getting the right quote is important and more importantly, you need to know that you have achieved the best possible deal for your home.

You should take your time in buying a new boiler and do your homework. Getting at least three quotes is the first important step, but knowing what questions your installer should be asking will help you to compare your quotes and choose the right company. Your installer should cover the following items in their quote:

The full cost of the boiler and installation: Boiler costs may be less than £1,000, but you will also be paying for the correct installation by a Gas Safe professional. This can easily add a few hundred more to your quote. You may also have additional items to add to initial boiler quotes.

Moving the boiler: If you have chosen to move the boiler you will be charged more for the installation due to the extra plumbing required. Check to see if this cost includes making good the wall where the old boiler was and disposal.

A different boiler type: If you are changing to a condensing boiler form a standard one, you may incur additional plumbing charges. You may also be charged for the removal of your old water storage cistern.

Maintenance contracts:
Your installer may encourage you to take out a contract with them for future maintenance. In some cases this may mean regular servicing and cleaning and will incur a monthly charge. You are within your rights to simply pay for this as required and to go with any other company. Shop around for this item.

Boiler insurance: Boiler quotes may also include boiler cover. This may not be required on a newly fitted boiler as it should be covered by a warranty for the first 12 months. Some people do feel more comfortable having this type of cover as it guarantees that an engineer will attend if anything goes wrong. However, in some cases more can be spent on the cover than is ever recouped.

Always check very carefully exactly what you are expected to pay for when you receive your quote. Don’t go along with insurance and maintenance unless you really need it. Remember you can can shop around for these items and you may be able to get a more competitive quote elsewhere.

Check the type of boiler you are being supplied and get a feel for how much it costs to buy alone. You may find it cheaper to buy the boiler and pay someone to fit it. Ask your installer for a supply only quote as well.

A new boiler is a big investment and you need to check your quotes carefully.

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