When you are considering buying a boiler replacement, your first thought may be to buy one and have it installed by British Gas – after all they are the largest supplier of boilers in the country and they can be trusted. Although British Gas undoubtedly offer a good service, there are alternatives and many of them could save you money compared to the gas boiler replacement cost.

Try another energy supplier

Most of the larger energy companies (and many of the smaller ones) sell boilers and offer an installation service backed up with servicing and insurance contracts. There is usually no need to be a customer of the energy supplier you choose and because of the amount of competition, you may find a better deal than going with British Gas.

Energy suppliers are also now expected to offer great deals on boilers and other home improvements which save energy under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme. This means that you may find that they can sell you a boiler cheaper than other types of suppliers. Shop around all of the energy companies before you make up your mind and don’t just go with who you know.

Buy it yourself

It is quite possible to research and choose the right boiler yourself to save on the British Gas boiler replacement cost. You can approach the retailer and buy the boiler you want. Of course, you will then need to find a Gas Safe installer and you will need to pay for this separately. It is certainly possible to get a great deal on the cost of a boiler by going down this route, but many people are uncomfortable with the amount of organisation involved and prefer to use a company who will do the installation as well.

Use another retailer

There are a number of retailers who sell and install boilers. You may find that this is a slightly more expensive way to go, but they will usually offer you a more flexible service. While British Gas may insist that you take out a boiler servicing package or buy a certain type of boiler, a High Street retailer will tailor a package to fit you. It may mean the boiler only or it could involve the use of one of their representatives to do the installation. Either way you are more in control and this may be worth the extra money.

Go direct to the manufacturer

If you know which type of boiler you want you can often go direct to the manufacturer who will put you in touch with an installer in your area. This way, you know that the installer is a specialist in the type of boiler you are installing and therefore the service should be better. You will also have better access to guarantees if anything goes wrong.

Whoever you decide to go with and whichever boiler you decide to buy, make sure that you have researched if it is the right one for you and make sure that the installer is Gas Safe registered. This is your responsibility and vitally important for the safety of your installation.

Check if you qualify for a grant

Those in receipt of certain benefits may be entitled to a grant for a new boiler. This is funded by the energy companies and could mean that a replacement boiler is installed for free.