There are two main types of domestic wind turbine. The first is the type is attached to a mast and is usually located in your garden. This type offers an excellent generation of power of between 2.5kW and 6kW however it could cost as much as £20,000 to install and might make around £3,200 per year for the homeowner.

The other type of wind turbine is the type which is roof mounted. These are typically smaller and less powerful and might only generate around 2kW in power. However this type of turbine will only cost around £2,000 to install.

Planning permission

Unlike home solar panels, wind turbines do require planning permission if you are putting them on your roof or in your garden. The reason for this is the fact that they will normally extend beyond your roof-line. In some cases there may also be some noise involved in the use of a wind turbine. If you live in a conservation area or in a grade II listed house you may find it very difficult to get planning permission.

Obviously you should consider if your home is in a windy area before you decide to get a wind turbine. The minimum level of wind required is 5 m/s and your home should be fairly free to the elements. If you have tall trees or buildings nearby this may mean that your wind turbine won’t work as effectively.

Energy at night

The one main advantage of a wind turbine is that it will go on producing energy even at night. This is one of the advantages it has over solar power. In addition it is possible to store the energy produced in a battery for use on days when it is less windy.

Wind turbine can be used in conjunction with the feed-in-tariff to sell electricity back to the grid. While a small turbine may not generate enough power to be able to do this, the larger ones can be a great way of saving on bills and generating a small income.

As with any large installation, it is advisable to compare a range of quotes from vatiety of wind turbine installers.

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