Is your boiler working efficiently?

Most of the time our boilers simply tick over in the background, providing us with hot water and heating all year long and for the most part we don’t really think about how to look after them. This is despite the fact that servicing your boiler on a regular basis will result in fewer breakdowns and a more efficient boiler that could save you money on your energy bills.

You may do the recommended professional boiler servicing once per year, but do you think about maintaining your boiler in between services? If you follow our 10 maintenance tips listed below, you could save yourself money in the long run and ensure you have heating when you need it.

  1. Check your boiler on a daily basis for things like water leaks, error codes on the console and anything else that looks different or unusual. This includes listening to your boiler for strange noises.
  2. Look at the boiler flame. Does it look strange or flicker in an unusual way? The flame should be crisp blue rather than yellow.
  3. Check the flue both inside and out for any blockages or ventilation issues. Clear them out thoroughly. Also check for breakages to the flue or surrounding piping.
  4. Look at the relief valve and discharge pipe for leaks and the drain system for obstructions. Your instruction manual will show you where these are.
  5. Periodically you should turn your boiler off and restart it – checking that is starts normally and reignites without any issues.
  6. Look in your boiler manual for the water pressure level and ensure your boiler is meeting them. A loss of pressure can mean there is a leak somewhere and if it rises too high you should switch it off and call an expert.
  7. Feel all of the radiators in your home regularly throughout the winter to ensure they are reaching expected temperatures. You may need to bleed the system if they are not. Equally, your radiators should not get too hot.
  8. Test your carbon monoxide alarm at least once per month and change the batteries every year.
  9. Check your pipes throughout the house for leaks and insulate them if needed to prevent burst pipes during colder weather. This is especially wise if you are turning off your heating for a prolonged period of time.
  10. Finally – get on the phone and book your annual boiler servicing. This may be the single most important thing you do with regards to your safety and your comfort throughout the year.

Looking after your boiler really is simple and by following these tips you may never have expensive and inconvenient breakdowns.

Of course, if it does break down, we can help you to source competitive quotes for a new boiler from reputable companies.