We’ve uncovered the shocking truth behind the UK’s £2 billion PVC double glazing industry, showing the massive impact it is having on the environment.

From the unsustainable raw materials used in the manufacturing process, to the 85% of waste product that ends up in landfill sites, it is worth thinking twice before opting for UPVC double glazing for your home.

The shocking truth behind your double glazing

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Window of opportunity – The environmental and economic benefits of specifying timber window frames, WWF-UK, July 2005.

  • Ron Heaps

    Also, when PVC windows and kitchen units are replaced for new, the old ones that are removed are broken up and the metal peices are supposed to be removed. But slick money grabbers are not doing this, the waste is then added to other organic materials to produce so called “Green Waste” and sold to farmers cheaply as a new fertilizer. The metal is being found in the bucket full by metal detectorists, but also the Glue and other non-enviromental friendly chemicals used in the manufacturing process is being widely spread onto farmers fields to enter the food chain. All of this is sanctioned by the government to try to save on landfill, but it is also suspected that it is approved by other government departments in an attempt to discourage metal detecting and this is promoted by the archealogy bodies.